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Traditional Thai Massage has existed in Thailand for more than a thousand years. Dr. Jivaka Kumar Phaccha is the legendary founder of Traditional Thai Massage. He not only inspired the art of massage, but also contributed the "original knowledge" about healing herbs and minerals. Dr. Jivaka was a doctor from northern India and he is known to have lived at the same time as the Buddha, being also his personal physician. 

Traditional Thai Massage is based on the concept of vital life force energy that flows along channels in the body to specific energy points. Any imbalance in the flow will result in sickness and pain. Working on the energy points can relieve blockages and imbalances in the energy channels and you will feel good, energized, relaxed and free from pain and stiffness. Who needs traditional Thai massage? You do, if your body is crying out: "Touch me", "Stretch me", "Squeeze me", "Hold me", "Listen to me", "Comfort me" or "Heal me". Such body cries often go unheard. Yoga is generally accepted as being an effective way of remaining healthy and flexible. However, receiving Thai Massage is the ultimate lazy and simple way of obtaining all the benefits of yoga and more - without having to do it yourself.   


Ideally, a whole-body massage will take from two to three hours to complete. This does not mean that less time is less effective. It is better to spend time on a few parts of the body, so they can be treated properly instead of speeding up to try to do the whole body.

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Thai Massage Classes

Thai Home presents Traditional Thai Massage amateur classes by certified Thai specialists.

Duration: 2 hours per week, total 8 hours
Participants in one group: 4 people
Certificate at the end of the course

Price: AMD 60.000

Favour your beloved ones with pleasant and health-giving Thai Massage done by You!

For more details, please, call +374 10 | 91 532760

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