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Best Gift Cards

This is how we make our unique Gift Cards

Our unique eco-friendly gift cards are made from natural wood. They are handmade and recyclable. These cards are being designed and assembled with great care. They are of unmatched quality, originality, and uniqueness.

They can serve as a special present for your beloved ones. You can mention on the card the type of massage you have chosen or just the amount of money. You can get them from Thai Home as well as they can be directly delivered to you or to whom they are presented. The gift card itself is free of charge. You just pay for the massage price. The delivery will cost 1.000 AMD in Yerevan.


The Gift Cards are valid for 3 months and are non-refundable. The mentioned type of massage on the card can be exchanged for another type of the same price, or just add any amount if the credit is not sufficient. Also is possible to pass the card to another person.

If you live outside Armenia, you can order a Gift Card by contacting us, make the payment by PayPal and ask for delivery. Click the icon to see the payment link. Please confirm the total amount before making the payment.

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