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Nirvana Relaxing Massage

Nirvana massage is an oil massage with a milder and pleasant touch. It is good for quick relaxation which is achieved due to use of aromatic oils with different smells. These aromatic oils are easily absorbed into the skin and are very beneficial to it. Aside from their emotional benefits, they have also some healing properties, such as the relief from stings, bites, and more, as well as from symptoms of headaches or stress.  

  6o min.         9o min.       12o min.

Prices are in AMD

นวดแผนไทยดั้งเดิมในเยเรวาน   นักบำบัดโรคไทยที่มีคุณสมบัติเหมาะสม  บรรยากาศผ่อนคลาย

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