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Foot  Reflexology Massage

Foot massage covers the area from the soles of the feet up to the knees. There are nerve centers under the foot sole, which are related to human organs of various importance such as liver, lungs, kidneys, eyes, etc. Massaging the feet sole by acupressure improves blood circulation to these organs, thus stimulating their active and natural working. Acupressure massage of foot sole is one of the most widespread and important directions of Thai massage. 

          3o min.         6o min.    


Prices are in AMD

นวดแผนไทยดั้งเดิมในเยเรวาน   นักบำบัดโรคไทยที่มีคุณสมบัติเหมาะสม  บรรยากาศผ่อนคลาย

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